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PLYMOUTH BLOCK PARTY – Saturday, October 1 in downtown Terryville. The Historical Society will sponsor Revolutionary and Civil war reenactors in the Lock Museum as well as the return of The Leatherman. In the Terryville Library, there will also be a display about Ted Knight, the television and movie actor who grew up in Terryville. Save the Date!

Lantern Tour of the Plymouth Burying Ground – Oct. 22, 7PM

On Oct. 22, the Plymouth Historical Society will lead a lantern tour of the Plymouth

Burying Ground. Discover how the symbols and inscriptions on the gravestones provide clues to

life in colonial Connecticut. The graveyard dates to 1747 and is on the National Register of

Historic Places. The walk includes a house that was on the Underground Railroad,

and a visit to a secret passageway used by slaves to escape to freedom.

The cost is $10 for adults, $5 for under 18 years of age, payable at the door.

 Meet at 7PM in front of the Congregational Church, 10 Park St.,

Plymouth. Reservations are required by texting 860-921-6118 or email

Ghost Tour of Downtown Terryville – Oct. 29, 7PM

Spooky Stories, Unsolved Mysteries, Ghosts from the Past

On Oct. 29, the Lock Museum of America is sponsoring a Ghost Tour of downtown

Terryville. The walk starts at 7PM at the Lock Museum, 230 Main Street,

Terryville. Listen to tales of unsolved mysteries as ghosts of famous former residents appear along the

way. There will be a tour of the Museum after the walk.

The cost for adults is $10, under 18 years is $5, payable at the door.

Reservations are required at

The rain date is Nov. 5. For more information, or text 860-921-6118.

Mural final 1
Designed by Gina Ritchie and Diane Boylan

The Plymouth 225th Anniversary mural is on the side of the Lee Hardware Building at 171 Main Street, Terryville.

Click here for a description of the images on the mural – take the kids and find the 10 hidden keyholes! How many kinds of animals can you find?


The Passport includes maps, addresses, descriptions, and photos of 20 historic sites in Plymouth. At each location, adventurers will answer questions in the Passport that can be obtained by looking for information at that place. It’s a town wide scavenger hunt!

Copies of the Passport can be picked up at Antiques at the Green, 703 Main Street, Plymouth, 860-283-0689. Store hours are 10am – 5pm , Thursday through Sunday.

Passports are also available at the Terryville Library, 238 Main Street, 860-582-3121.

After you visit all the sites, you can get your Passport officially stamped at the Terryville Library.


The Passport to Plymouth was funded by a $1,400 grant from the Betts Family Fund and Bristol Brass General Grant Fund of the Main Street Community Foundation.


To celebrate Plymouth’s 225th Anniversary in 2020, the Beautification Committee obtained a generous grant from the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation to pay for a new publication, “A Walking Tour of Historic Terryville”. The brochures are available for free in a plastic box outside the Lock Museum of America (230 Main Street, Terryville), at the Terryville Library (238 Main Street, Terryville), and at Antiques at the Green ( 703 Main Street, Plymouth). Pick up a copy and stroll around historic downtown Terryville!

Pick up a copy of the Walking Tour of Historic Terryville outside the Lock Museum of America!

Digital version of the Walking Tour of Historic Terryville brochure. It is formatted to print on 12″ x 18″ paper.

With these self-guided tours, you will learn little known stories about our town’s fascinating history.


Copies can be picked up at Antiques at the Green, 703 Main Street, Plymouth, 860-283-0689. Store hours are 10am – 5pm , Thursday through Sunday.

They are also available at the Terryville Library, 238 Main Street, 860-582-3121.

Click here for a link to the brochure: walking tour 6-27 low res

The tour includes the Plymouth Burying Ground which dates to 1747. There are 38 soldiers from the Revolutionary War buried here. Learn about the symbolism of colonial gravestones.   Look for some ancestors!
Find the stone that is inscribed “MORTALS ATTEND and LEARN YOUR END”. Creepy!
Go on a scavenger hunt of Plymouth Center!  SCAVENGER HUNT on the Plymouth Green


Guided walking tours of Plymouth Center can be arranged for your group.  The tour includes the Burying Ground, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The inscriptions and symbols on the gravestones provide a timeline of early American history, giving us clues to what life was like in colonial Connecticut.  Learn about the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the little known story of the Tories, the American colonists who were loyal to their mother country of England.

Seniors, youth groups, school classes, home schoolers, and historical organizations have  enjoyed our tours. The tour is a wonderful supplement to Connecticut’s social studies curriculum which covers colonial America and the Revolutionary War.


There is a $10 suggested donation for adults, kids are $5. Minimum total is $50. All funds are used to restore the Burying Ground.

Call 860-921-6118 for more information.





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