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Built in the mid-1800s, this Greek Revival house (pictured above)  was built by Augustus C. Shelton, a partner in the Shelton and Tuttle carriage shop. The house was a gift to his niece, along with 100 acres of surrounding farmland. The property was later known as the Burr Farm. In more recent years the property belonged to the Alley family.

Today the Alley House museum houses a collection of Plymouth memorabilia and is the office of the Plymouth Historical Society.

It is located at 572 Main Street.  It is open by appointment (call 860-584-4634)  and on the last Saturday of each month at 1 pm when we have monthly meetings scheduled. Stop in!


  1. Nancy Delliber says:

    I knew Mr. and Mrs. Alley. Gene Alley brought the mail in his car from Thomaston to Plymouth, Mrs. Alley worked in the old Plymouth Center School lunch room. Two girls, Beth was a year ahead of me in school. When riding to high school in the bus going by the Alley house I always thought about what I would do if I someday bought that house. I never was inside the house but could dream about it. In l982 my husband Don and I bought Wisteria house in Thomaston, also on the historic register but my heart is always in the little village of Plymouth where I went to the old Plymouth Center school. I have written a series of essays on Growing Up in Plymouth. These are on disc and available to whoever would like to read them.

  2. phs1234 says:

    Are the essays on a floppy disc? I can pick them up from you if you are in Thomaston. Any old photos of Plymouth that we could make copies of?
    If easier, call me 860-921-6118. Thank you.
    Jerry Milne

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